Cordlife Lifestyle Genetic Test: DIET

Take charge of your diet and weight management

This test covers 18 categories with personalised recommendations for optimising nutrient intake, weight management, and dietary modifications, giving individuals more control over achieving their goals.

How does genetics affect my diet and weight?

Genetic variances can cause us to absorb too much or too little nutrients even if we eat the same amount, which impacts our long-term health and physical appearance.

Feel better about your health, look better, and be less likely to get sick by adopting a diet that is based on your single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP), personal traits, and lifestyle habits.

What will you get with Cordlife DIET?


Dietary preferences and weight management

4 Reports
  • Low-carb diet and weight management
  • High-protein diet and weight management
  • High-fat diet and weight management
  • Fat/carbohydrate dietary preference


Body shape inclination and fat burning ability

3 Reports
  • Risk of obesity
  • Waist-to-hip ratio
  • Fat-burning metabolism


Nutrients and food sensitivities

11 Reports
  • Lactose tolerance
  • Caffeine metabolism
  • Risk of alcohol dependence
  • Ability to absorb DHA
  • Ability to absorb lycopene
  • Ability to absorb vitamin A
  • Ability to absorb vitamin B6
  • Ability to absorb vitamin B12
  • Ability to absorb folic acid
  • Ability to absorb vitamin D
  • Ability to absorb vitamin E

Why choose Cordlife DIET?

Getting started

Get your personalised Cordlife DIET reports in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Sign up today to receive a collection kit with a cheek swab that you can use to collect your test specimen easily and painlessly.

Step 2

Once you have collected your specimen, contact us to arrange for a complimentary pick-up by our professional courier.

Step 3

Relax while we analyse your results. You will receive your comprehensive and personalised reports within 20 working days.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the science behind Cordlife lifestyle genetic test?

Genes carry genetic information, which is a set of instructions that serve as the body's blueprint. Each individual's characteristics, such as appearance, personality, physique, ability to absorb nutrients, and athletic performance, are influenced not only by genetic factors but also by gene expression. By detecting your own unique gene sequence and locus variation, you can gain a better understanding of your own physical characteristics, allowing you to develop personalised lifestyle habits and health management strategies.

How can I order Cordlife lifestyle genetic test?

Click here to complete your information and receive a collection kit containing a cheek swab that you can use to easily and painlessly collect your test specimen. Once you have collected your specimen, contact us and our professional courier will come over to your place to pick it up.

How soon will I get my results?

Your personalised reports will be made available to you within 20 business days of receiving your test specimen.

Who can take the lifestyle genetic test?

Our lifestyle genetic tests are available to individuals of all ages.

Why should I choose Cordlife?

The testing of your specimen will be performed by our team of scientists with years of experience in laboratory management and the development of bioinformatics for human genetics. We will also compare your results to a large Asian SNP genotyping database to derive a more precise and accurate assessment, as genetic coding patterns vary between populations. By choosing a Cordlife lifestyle genetic test, you are assured of results that are most relevant to your ethnicity.

Cordlife’s panel of lifestyle genetic services is distributed by PT Cordlife Persada and tested by Cordlife (Hong Kong) Limited. The reports are provided solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice. The reports’ recommendations are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any medical conditions or diseases. No laboratory test is completely accurate. Depending on the test you choose, this service is designed to detect variants within a specific reportable range of selected genes that are known to be associated with an increased risk for certain types of inherited disorders, personal traits, nutritional needs, and/or exercise responses, but this test may not detect every variant linked. The findings are derived using current information from the medical literature and scientific databases, as well as laboratory informatics and algorithms that are subjected to changes. For a complete list of disclaimers, please contact Cordlife.