Safe and Highly Accurate

Prévue is a safe and highly accurate NIPT performed to screen for the most common chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome. The test is done through a simple blood draw as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy

Most Validated NIPT Test in the Market
The testing algorithm behind Prévue has undergone large-scale external validation – the largest in the world based on nearly 147,000i women. To date, the test has been used to process over 2.27 million^ samples worldwide. Combining the latest sequencing technology and high-quality medical reporting protocol, Prévue helps to significantly reduce the need for unnecessary and risky invasive testing.
Prévue™ at a Glance

Non-invasive. No miscarriage risk.
Single blood draw from as early as week 10 of pregnancy.

Screens for common trisomies including Down syndrome, Patau syndrome and Edward syndrome, sex chromosomes and other deletion syndromes

More than 99% accuracy rate and less than 1% false positive rate.

Employs whole genome sequencing to provide comprehensive coverage for chromosomal abnormalities

Proven low blood redrawal rate based on Clinical experience in over 2.27 million^ patients.

Highest quality assurance. Tested by a CAP-accredited lab in Hong Kong.

Complimentary insurance coverage with reimbursement of up to USD 60,000 for false negative case.*
*Terms & conditions apply
i H. ZHANG, Y. GAO, F. JIANG, M. FU, Y. YUAN, Y. GUO, Z. ZHU, M. LIN, Q. LIU, Z. TIAN, H. ZHANG, F. CHEN, T. K. LAU, L. ZHAO, X. YI, Y. YIN and W. WANG. Non-invasive prenatal testing for trisomies 21, 18 and 13: clinical experience from 146 958 pregnancies, Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2015; 45: 530–538.
^Based on the internal data from BGI Clinical Laboratories, Hong Kong
Enroling Prévue NIPT

Prévue™ NIPT must be prescribed by your obstetrician who will explain the details about NIPT to ensure the test is suitable for you.
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No test is perfect. DNA test results do not provide a definitive genetic risk in all individuals. Cell-free DNA does not replace the accuracy and precision of prenatal diagnosis with CVS or amniocentesis. Patients with positive test result or an additional finding should be referred for genetic counselling and offered invasive prenatal diagnosis for confirmation of test results. A negative test result does not ensure an unaffected pregnancy. The absence of an additional finding does not indicate a negative result. While results of this testing is highly accurate, not all chromosomal abnormalities may be detected due to placental, maternal or fetal mosaicism, or other causes. The healthcare provider is responsible for the use of this information in the management of their patient.

NIPT is a screening, not a diagnostic test. Patients should opt for it only as an informed choice after appropriate pre-test counselling.