Contact one of our friendly consultants or email us to order your test kit and we will bring your GeneLife test kit to you.


Upon receiving your kit, read the manual and fill up the forms to finish registering your information. Please remember to sign the consent form.

Collect Sample

Collect your saliva sample with the test-tube provided as per the instructions found in the manual.

Return kit with sample

Secure the test-tube and the signed consent form into the return envelop. For overseas client, please call our hotline to arrange a pick-up upon completion.

access your report online

Once the test sample is received, the analysis will be completed within 4 to 8 weeks. Access your report online via personal computer or mobile device.

This GeneLife DNA genetic test is brought to you by Genscreen in partnership with Genesis Healthcare Asia: a leader in genetic testing and research from Japan Over 750,000 customers have chosen GeneLife to analyse their genes, so they can learn more about themselves and make the right lifestyle choices to better manage their health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any knowledge about genes. Will I be able to understand the contents by looking at the results?

You do not have to be an expert to understand the test results. GeneLife reports use simple language and are very easy to understand.

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing enables you to find out a variety of information, including the possible risk of a predisposition to particular diseases. The results of recent research have shown that some diseases are inherited by children from their parents. In addition, your genetic profiling provides you with information regarding your physical traits, predisposition to obesity, skin conditions and more.

What is GeneLife

GeneLife is a consumer genetic testing brand of Genesis Healthcare Asia (GHA) – a market leader in genetic testing and research in Japan. Genesis Healthcare Asia’s market leadership in Japan is a testament to the trust of their customers over the years, having tested more than 750,000 samples in the consumer segment which places itself possessing the largest genetic database in Japan and possibly Asia. Their highly knowledgeable and skilled researchers, scientists, and geneticists, develop their tests and products in-house at their research facility Genesis Institute of Genetic Research (GIGR) in Yebisu Garden Place Tower, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Will my genetic test results change over time? Do I need to take the test again?

No. Your DNA does not change during your lifetime (except under extreme circumstances), thus you need to take the test only once.

Should I avoid any drinks before the test?

Any beverage other than water may result in causing stains that may hinder testing accuracy or chemical reactions that may result in negative results. If you have a beverage before taking the test, please rinse your mouth with water before the test.

Can GeneLife test results be used for medical diagnosis?

No. Your test results are not to be used for medical diagnosis. These should not replace any current or previous diagnosis made by a physician.

I am pregnant now. Can I take the test?

Yes. You can take the test and it will not affect the results. Your DNA will be analyzed by spiting into a test tube, and your DNA results will not change due to your pregnancy. The test will not be harmful to your child.

How do I register or activate my GeneLife test kit?

Please visit https://www.genelife.asia/users/registrations/new to activate your test kit. You will need the Kit ID Number and Security Code (Found in the test kit) to complete registration.