Help Your Child Achieve Success in Life Through DNA Testing.

Importance of Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development is key to raising healthy and successful children. As children learn and develop faster in the first few years of life, building a solid foundation for them during this period helps shape their lifelong health, educational achievement, economic success and happiness in life.

What is Cordlife TALENT?

Every child is unique. Cordlife TALENT is a DNA testing service that uses cutting-edge technology to help you learn more about your child. Our insight reports will include information about your child in the key categories:

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Should I Get My Child Tested?

Every parent wants to raise happy and successful children. By getting your child tested, you will have information backed by science to help you develop and manage your child. Parenting is not easy, but you can use Cordlife TALENT to make it easier.*

Benefits of Cordlife TALENT

Take The First Step Today To Shape Your Child’s Future!

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Gain comprehensive insight into your child to help you better manage and develop your child today.

Talent & Traits

Kategorites Genetic

Genetic Testing Categories


Kategorites Genetic

Genetic Testing Categories

Bakat & Kemampuan

Talents and Learning Abilities


  • Berpikir Logis / Logical Thinking
  • Linguistik / Linguistic
  • Kemampuan Akademik / Academic Learning
  • Kemampuan Membaca / Reading
  • Kemampuan Matematika / Mathematical
  • Kemampuan Bermusik / Musical
  • Kemampuan Kinestetik Tubuh / Bodily Kinesthetic
  • Memori Jangka Pendek / Short-term Memory

Kategorites Genetic

Genetic Testing Categories

Sifat Kepribadian

Character Traits


  • Perhatian/Atensi / Attention
  • Kemampuan Bersosialisasi / Sociability
  • Kecenderungan Menyukai Apresiasi/Hadiah / Reward Dependence
  • Empati / Empathy
  • Kemampuan untuk Berefleksi kepada Diri Sendiri / Self-Reflection
  • Ketekunan / Perseverance
  • Toleransi terhadap Stress / Stress Tolerance
  • Kemandirian / Independence
  • Kesadaran untuk Bertanggung Jawab / Sense of Responsibility
  • Kreativitas / Creativity
  • Afinitas / Affinity
  • Kecenderungan Depresi / Depression
  • Rasa Ingin Tahu / Curiosity
  • Inisiatif / Enterprising
  • Sensitivitas / Sensitivity
  • Rasa Penolakan / Avoidance
  • Introversi / Introversion
  • Kedewasaan / Maturity



Why Cordlife TALENT?


*This service is brought to you by PT. Cordlife Persada, a subsidiary of Cordlife Group Limited. The sample will be sent to Cordlife (Hong Kong) Limited in partnership with third-party laboratory. The information contained in the testing reports is not meant to substitute qualified medical advice and is for reference only. The results of this test do not provide a definitive genetic interpretation and should not be used to assess, diagnose, prevent or treat any medical conditions.

DCR 1947 version A